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Die Casting Processing
Forging Processing
CNC Machining

Specializing in CNC milling, turning, and milling-turning:
We provide diversified parts machining services to customers of different scales and orientations.

Casting Processing、CNC Machining

Die Casting Processing
Forging Processing
CNC Machining

Yi Rong Metal Industries Co., Ltd. has always been committed to providing customers with the highest quality and comprehensive services. To further enhance product precision and processing efficiency, the company has decided to add CNC precision machining equipment.
Our CNC precision machining equipment features highly automated control systems, enabling high-speed machining, high-precision cutting, and efficient processing. With advanced processing technology and a professional technical team, we can manufacture high-precision and high-quality parts to meet customers’ requirements for product quality and details. We can manufacture aluminum alloy parts for automobiles, motorcycles, sports equipment, electronic communications, and various industries. We also have coordinate measuring machines, 2D and 3D measurement equipment such as ring gauges and plug gauges to ensure the best quality of the products produced.
Additionally, we have a dedicated team for CNC precision machining services to promptly address any issues and requirements encountered by customers during the usage process. Although we focus on CNC machining of the castings produced in our own foundry, we also process other products, such as CNC engraving and CNC aluminum extrusion processing.

In summary, the addition of CNC precision machining equipment by Yi Rong Metal Industries Co., Ltd. will provide customers with higher quality and more precise products, ensuring on-time delivery and excellent after-sales service. We will continue to strive to provide customers with the most comprehensive services and continuously improve our competitiveness and industry position.

Professional expertise and process efficiency

Our company complies with ISO 9001:2015 international certification standards and has strict quality control processes for the parts we produce. Our deep technical background and experience allow us to quickly understand customer needs, whether it is aluminum die-casting parts processing or aluminum forging processing, Yi Rong can handle it skillfully.

What is CNC Machining?

Multi-axis CNC milling: It is a highly automated machining method that uses a multi-axis control system to control the tool for machining operations. Compared to traditional milling methods, multi-axis CNC milling allows for simultaneous machining on multiple surfaces, enabling the production of more complex parts with higher machining efficiency and precision. Additionally, multi-axis CNC milling enables automated production, saving labor costs and improving product manufacturing efficiency.

CNC turning: It utilizes a lathe machine to secure the workpiece on the spindle and then performs cutting, milling, and drilling operations using rotating cutting tools. This machining method can produce high-precision components and is suitable for various industries, including precision machinery, automotive, aerospace, and electronics. Turning operations are typically performed by experienced technicians who require precise measurement and control skills to ensure that the products meet customer specifications and standards.

CNC milling-turning: The main advantage is the ability to shorten manufacturing cycles and improve production efficiency. This type of machine combines the functions of CNC turning and multi-axis milling, integrating various tools and processing methods, thereby reducing installation errors caused by moving products between different machines.

Why choose Yi Rong for die casting and forging processing services?

✓  One-stop service to save your valuable time!

✓  We are a factory that can fully control the supply chain system!

✓  We have an excellent and skilled team!

✓  We adopt the most efficient machining methods!

✓  Our production output is efficient and stable!

✓  We have a complete quality system!

Production Process

1. Skilled team.

One-stop service to shorten your delivery time
We require potential customers to provide 2D machining drawings and 3D CAD machining models for technical review.
This discussion and technical review process ensures that customer requirements are met.

2. Fixture and jig design and production.

Metalworking CNC lathe milling machine. Cutting metal modern processing technology. Milling is the process of machining using rotary cutters to remove material by advancing a cutter into a workpiece.
Adopting the most efficient machining methods

We manufacture and design our own fixtures and jigs for machining. Our experience allows us to optimize the relationship between casting and machining dimensions. It also enables us to minimize the delay between the production of the initial raw castings and the machining of components.


3. CNC machining for mass production.

Effective and stable production output

Our company has high-precision machining capabilities and excellent milling processing capabilities, allowing us to handle various complex parts. We have also established automated systems for the mass production of parts and high-demand products.


4. Quality control inspection and excellent ISO 9001 system.

Comprehensive quality control system

Yi Rong has a well-trained quality control team that has undergone excellent training in measurement and testing equipment to improve production yield. Our processes have obtained ISO 9001:2015 international quality certification, and all production workpieces undergo strict quality control inspections.