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Surface Treatment
Paint Coating / Anodizing
Electroplating / Assembly

Yi Rong provides all imaginable surface treatment for aluminum castings and CNC machined parts. We are a leading comprehensive service provider in Taiwan, allowing you to focus freely on component applications.

Surface Treatment │ Painting │ Anodizing │ Electroplating │ Assembly and Configuration

Surface Treatment / Paint Coating
Anodizing / Electroplating / Assembly

We are a reliable and high-quality supplier. To eliminate the frustration and hidden costs of communicating with multiple vendors, we offer a complete service package that allows customers to focus on component applications.
We manage the supply chain of components at various stages of production, using comprehensive ERP software to ensure traceability for each batch and to guarantee our commitments.
Our friendly small team is always ready to respond when customers need to change orders or encounter any issues.
In every service we provide, we guarantee the high-level service offered by a family business with over 50 years of successful experience.
Yi Rong offers a wide range of metal surface treatment processes, including:
Types of Surface TreatmentsPurpose
(Heat Treatment)
This process eliminates internal stresses in metals caused by heat treatment, welding, or mechanical processing.
It improves the ductility, toughness, and workability of the metal.
GrindingUsually performed using grinding tools and materials such as grinding wheels, sandpaper, cutting fluid, etc.,
to treat the surface roughness of the workpiece,
removing surface protrusions, scars, wear, and other defects, thereby improving surface quality and precision.
Grinding and PolishingThis process further improves surface quality based on grinding.
It typically utilizes tools and materials such as buffing wheels and polishing pastes to grind and polish the workpiece surface,
eliminating minor flaws and wear, making the surface smoother, flatter, and more polished.
Vibration FinishingIt removes burrs, sharp edges, and other defects from metal parts and components,
making the surface smooth, making it an ideal choice for decorative applications, and is suitable for small, medium, and large castings.
Barrel FinishingThis method uses a rotating barrel to smooth and polish the surface of metal parts. It is particularly suitable for deburring small castings.
Ball BurnishingBall burnishing is a mechanical processing method commonly used for surface treatment of metal balls.
The basic principle involves colliding and rolling multiple metal balls in a burnishing machine to eliminate surface imperfections, making it smoother.
Shot BlastingThis process uses steel shot to remove surface impurities and create a smooth and uniform finish.
Benefits of shot blasting include surface cleaning, improved adhesion, and enhanced corrosion resistance.
AnodizingThis process forms a protective layer on the surface of aluminum components.
It is particularly suitable for applications that require aesthetics.
Transparent anodizing offers various advantages such as color options, extended lifespan, and improved corrosion protection.
Paint CoatingDivided into liquid and powder coating, the parts are sprayed with powder coating and then baked in an oven.
This forms a corrosion-resistant layer to protect the parts.
ElectroplatingIt is a surface treatment method that uses the principle of electrolysis to electrochemically deposit a metal coating on the metal surface.
The surface exhibits properties such as improved corrosion resistance, wear resistance, conductivity, and aesthetics.
It can also increase the dimensions of the workpiece, compensate for machining errors, and repair damaged surfaces.
Transfer PrintingThis process allows complex designs and patterns to be transferred onto metal surfaces.
Laser EngravingLocalized surface melting of an object to create specified patterns,
used to present a face or pattern effect, rather than just lines, and can also produce embossed and shadow effects.
Chromate ConversionBy adding multiple layers of coatings and cleaners, a thin protective layer forms on the surface of aluminum and other metals.
It enhances corrosion resistance and durability.
AssemblyWe provide various assembly services to put your products together.
If you need a reliable and high-quality component supplier,
Yi Rong is always prepared to get you ready for production.
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High-quality surface finish

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100% visual manual inspection

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Yi Rong is the best because we put you first!

Advantages of Yi Rong:

Complete integration process

Yi Rong provides various surface treatments for aluminum die-castings, forgings, and CNC machined parts.
To ensure optimal quality, we collaborate with industry-leading professional partners and have established close relationships with them over many years.

Integrated service with the manufacturing process

We integrate surface treatment solutions into Yi Rong's services for aluminum die-castings, forgings, CNC machining,
and assembly, providing customers with a one-stop solution that significantly reduces delivery time and transportation costs, while ensuring Yi Rong has full control over product quality.

Final finished quality

Yi Rong closely monitors and manages every aspect of the precision machining process.
After all subcontracted surface treatment processes, we conduct 100% visual inspections internally at Yi Rong.

Blueprints and quality sheets

With decades of experience in providing surface treatment processing services,
Yi Rong has the expertise to record and define the required surface treatment processes, ensuring consistency and compliance with ISO standards.